The Wisdom in Writing Series


Welcome to the Wisdom in Writing Series—an author's guide to the international trade standard publishing industry, created by publishers for authors like you. Whether you’re a brand-new author setting out to publish your first book or a seasoned author wanting to get a better grasp of the industry’s workings and how you can best capitalize on your opportunities within it, this series is for you.

The Wisdom in Writing Series has helpful tips and guidance for you, the author, at every stage of your journey. If you’re still working on your book, editors will coach you in the craft of writing. If you’re contemplating how to go about finding the right publisher, seasoned professionals in the field lay out the various options and give you an insider’s look at what they want to see in a prospective author. If you’ve been here before and are working on further writing projects, there are tools to help you organize your process and detailed explanations of the industry to help you as an author become a more informed part of it.

While there is no such thing as a secret formula to make any book a guaranteed bestseller, there are many good ideas within the pages of these books that will help you write better, publish successfully, and be educated in the many decisions that you, the author, will have to make. No one person has all the answers in this field, but the authors share what they do have—experience in the industry, and the wisdom it brings. Pick up the Wisdom in Writing Series and see for yourself!


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